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Yamaha SLG Silent Guitar Series

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Yamaha SLG Series Silent Guitar Yamaha offers their latest in their Silent Guitar series with three new models: the SLG110S, SLG110N (each $925 MSRP), and the SLG130NW ($1,075). The steel stringed 110S has the neck shape, string scale (634mm) and the "feel" of acoustic/electric guitars all players love. The SLG110N is a nylon string guitar with a slimmer neck and a lowered action more like an electric guitar while the SLG 130NW, also a nylon string guitar, but it has a classical guitar neck width and construction. The SLG130NW also has an ebony fingerboard, rosewood/maple frame and a wooden top and bottom bout.

In spite of the SLG guitars' 'skeletal' look, both the upper and lower bouts vibrate akin to any well-made acoustic or electric guitar. I like that you can play and listen by plugging headphones directly into it for practicing, recording or relaxing at any volume you like 24/7, 365 days a year! Plug n' play one through a huge amp stack and get a great acoustic guitar sound with no feedback ever.

I like the curved shape of the SLGs and the musical sound of their exclusive pickup and preamp technology. The have an onboard digital effects system taken from Yamaha's pro/commercial consoles to provide reverb, chorus and echo treatments. Being so easy to carry with the top bout detachable and, along with the included luxury gig bag, they make the perfect casual gigging guitar.

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