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Updated 12/21/10

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Galia Arad
Rod Stewart Sessions
Hollie LA
Marion Raven

I have been having a great time mixing a new album by songstress Galia Arad. Introduced to me by veteran songwriter, producer and studio owner Tommy Faragher, Galia is a very unique artist who writes personal, heart-felt songs in an autobographical way. Galia and her backing band, made up of Elvis Costello's crew, give honest and emotional performances in a natural way and I am trying to create mixes that are the clearest "prism" or conduit to convey Galia's feelings and lyrical stories and overall musical aesthetic. More later as I'm about half way through this project here at my Tones 4 $ Studios.
Galia's last AlbumGalia's Last CD!


On Warner Records, "The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998 is a four CD set of songs culled from those years. This is another set in a series of compilation albums starting with "The Definitive Rod Stewart Deluxe Collection". Read more at My Rod Stewart Page. This set was produced by Cheryl Pawelski and my friend Andy Zax. It includes six songs left off the "When We Were The New Boys" album I engineered including: "The Long Journey Home", "Now That You're On Your Own", "Dylan's Day Off", "On and On", "Rocking' Chair", "Sugar Lips", "The ChangingMan". Even as rough as some of these 'works in progress' are, it's always great to hear Rod sing.

Definitive RodGet Yours Now!


Producer Bobby Watson, Madoka and I are finished with her next opus on 9 Muses Records. Among the musicians playing on it were Bobby, Michael Thompson, and Casey Grillo. It came out great and I wish I could post MP3s here!!

UPDATE! Tower Records Indie chart in Japan reports that sales have push Madoka's last record (cover above) into the the top 5. It's great to have a hit I mixed in my Tones 4 $ Studios!


Hollie LA is a new artist from where else---but L.A.! I worked with her and producer Kosta Lois here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. I mixed six songs and Stephen Marsh master them for an EP release.

The songs are:

"Identity" "Domesticate It"
"Love Debt" "Invisible Chains"
"Fame" "Oh No"

A excellent effort from this great singer!

UPDATE! The EP is out and getting popular with the dance crowd. So Good Luck To Hollie and Kosta!

Check her new video at You Tube

Marion Raven is a new artist from Norway. I've had the opportunity to mix just a couple of song demos from her album song writing collaboration with Oliver Leiber.


More on this project if and when I'm asked to work on it.

 Hope So!!! 

Jack Conrad
Definitive Rod Stewart
Salvador Santana
Berklee College
I have been enjoying recording and mixing for bassist and veteran hit songwriter Jack Conrad who is re-recording many of his hit songs for use in film and television. First up was a big hit in 1978 by The Babys on their "Head First" Album. Jack co-wrote "Every Time I Think Of You" with Ray Kennedy and so far it's sounding great!

UPDATE! I've finished mixing the song here at my Tones 4 $ Studios and it's sounding great! So Good Luck To Jack and Ray!

On Rhino Records here comes Rod Stewart! This is a whole series of compilation albums that starts with "The Definitive Rod Stewart Deluxe Collection". My involvement with Rod covers a lot of years and you can read more at: My Rod Stewart Page. My friends Brian Kehew and Andy Zax culled this initial set of CDs and DVDs from Rod's vast Warner Bros. catalog. It includes a song from the "When We Were The New Boys" album I engineered called "Two Shades Of Blue." It is great to see that song finally "see the light of day." So stay tuned for more of Definitive Rod albums that promise to have other unheard gems by Mr. Stewart.

Definitive RodGet Yours Now!

Singer Salavador Santana was up at Ollywood Studios tracking along with producer-
songwriter Oliver Leiber. Olly called me up to help out cutting lead vocals with Andy Vargas and a rap section by Sal.
The song is "Evil Ways."

Hear it at:

UPDATE! 08/12/07 Back up Olly's another song is under way and nearly finished. It's called "Call Ya" and it's sounding great!

I tracked four new songs for Madoka's second album on 9 Muses Records. Her first album is "Muses-Trap" with seven songs and her second release was a three-song CD called "Merry Night".

We recorded at Track Record Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Rufus founding member Bobby Watson was producer.

We had John Robinson (JR) and Johathan Moffett playing drums, Kentaro and Michael Thompson on guitar, Tom Strahle on guitar, mandolin, 12 string and various effects, Bobby Watson on bass and guitar, and Madoka singing live with the band.

UPDATE! 08/08/07 I mixed all five songs for Madoka's upcoming, hot-sounding EP here at my Tones 4 $ Studios!

"Blue Moon"
"La Lune"

I was lucky enough to get a call from producer Bryan Abreu and Daniel Newsome to record four sound-alike songs for Berklee College's Web site. These songs will be available to students in multi-track format as part of the online music production curriculum.

The songs are: "Good Times", "I Want You Back", "Hearts Of Fire", and "Last Night"

We worked at Village Recorder Studios in West Los Angeles, CA and I was ably assisted by Noel Zancanella. Abreu went on to finish the vocals and overdubs at Quad Studios in New York City.

The musicians were: Thomas Pridgen on drums; David Balfour on keys; Steve Wyreman played guitars; and Bryan Abreu played bass and assorted percussion.

After a full day of tracking, we overdubbed strings and brass on the second day. Joel Pargman, Carrie Kennedy, Caroline Campbell played viloins and Thomas Loo handled cello. The brass section was comprised of: Anthony Coleman on trumpet, Jason Disu on trombone and Wiatt Grant on tenor sax.

Phil Bailey Jr. sang "Hearts Of Fire", Daniel McClain and Rashidra Scott sang "Good Times" while "I Want You Back" was sung by Brandy Williams with backing vocals by Daniel McClain. "Last Night" was sung by Rhea Dummett and Bryan Abreu.
Room For Gray
Bre Morgan
Pussycat Dolls
Jason Rowe
Katharine McPhee

With a home base in Minneapolis, MN, Room For Gray has been making some good noise in the Midwest with their emotional live performances.

Apparently enough of the right sounds to be reckonized by producer Andre Fischer who asked me to mix a few of their latest songs.

RFG is: James Gray, lead vocals and guitar; Mitch Robbins on guitar; Kris Godfrey; and Joel Steiner on bass.

Songs so far I've mixed are: "Make A Play", "You're Slipping", and "Know."

New CD of mixes available soon!

More on this band as it happens for them!


Bre Morgan, just now turning 13-years old, is the artist of a new album I'm mixing here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. I started with four songs produced and/or co-produced and co-written by Erik Isaacs. Then I mixed seven more songs produced and/or co-produced by Jay Stanley. Bre is a very exciting artist to hear sing on these cool tracks. I have high hopes for much success for this Global Records Project.

Erik Issacs' Camp Produced:



"More Than Friends"

"Never Felt Like This Before"

Jay Stanley's Camp Produced:



"Over It"

"Heal Me"


"Upside Down"

"Walkin' On Sunshine"
Mega-successful singing group The Pussycat Dolls, along with creator Robin Antin are part of a new reality-based television show called The Pussycat Dolls Present The Search For The Next Doll on the CW Network. Starting March 6th and for the next eight weeks, you can follow the contestants' progress in a gruelling contest to be pick as the seventh member of the world-famous, singing/dancing Pussycat Dolls. All the girls in this contest have to be able to sing, dance and aspire to become a Pussycat Doll in all ways. The girls had to dance and performed the songs in front of live audiences during the show's taping.

The panel of judges consisted of Robin Antin, Lil' Kim, and Geffen Records executive and Pussycat record producer, Ron Fair.

I worked with noted Jazz pianist, recording artist, and now musical director John Beasley. John was on-camera rehearsing the contestants and behind the scenes, he was kept busy with song selection and overseeing the production and editing of the backing tracks.

I was in charge of the playback of the backing tracks and recording the contestant's vocals. Later, during post-production and before broadcast, I would remix the songs at my Tones 4 $ Studios.
Good tracking over at Sonora Recorders in nearby Los Feliz for artist Jason Rowe and co-producer Jim Huff. Jason is from England but lives in Berlin. Transplanted from Canada to L.A., Huff is a former A&M recording artist.
Keepin' the big classic API Console pumping with good drum sounds was Randy Cooke, one of the most recorded drummers from Canada who has worked with the Pointer Sisters, Hilary Duff, The Veronicas, Jesse McCartney, and played on the new Kelly Clarkson album and sound track album for "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants".
Strong bass guitar tracks were provided by Jon Button. Jon is from Fairbanks, Alaska and he's performed or recorded with Shakira, Michelle Branch, Mandy Moore, Robi Draco Rosa, Jennifer Paige, The Corrs, Shelby Lynn, and rocker Brian Ray. Big thanks to both studio owner Richard Barron and assistant engineer Jed Burtoft.

UPDATE! 6/7/06 I've just finished the final mixes at Sunset Marquis Hotel Studios and mastering with Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. So here's a toast to manager Jobst Henning-Neermann and the launch of a successful CD. Thanks to studio owner/excutive producer Jed Leiber, assistant engineer Jason Flemming, Jesse Vanderford and also Daphna Dove and the rest of the studio crew.
I recently got to work at one of my favorite studios, Firehouse Studios in picturesque and beautifully quaint, Old Towne Pasadena, CA. Katharine McPhee, the recent runner up in the American Idol TV show contest was in the studio with producer/songwriter Tena Clark to work on a song demo to be submitted for possible inclusion into Kat's new album out soon on RCA Records. Katharine has been very busy rehearsing for the upcoming American Idol Tour.

The song is called "Fly Away" and was co-written by mega-keyboardist, arranger, composer, and producer, Tim Heintz. Tim sent the digital files of the track over the Net from South Africa. Tim and his family are there volunteering to work at the Lily of the Valley Children's Center, a village for children affected by the enormous AIDS pandemic sweeping the continent of Africa. We all wish Tim and his family well---we're thinking of you and the huge sacrifices you made to give what is the ulitmate humanitarian gift.

Back at the Firehouse, Tena and I overdubbed James Harrah on guitar and John Peña on bass guitar. Backing vocals were sung by Terry Wood, Carmen Twillie, and Wendy Frazier. I was assisted by Ed Woolley.

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Azoff Music Management.


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