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Andy Andy Prieboy, former lead singer of Wall of Voodoo, replaced Stan Ridgeway who went on to a solo career. I met Andy in the basement studios of MCA Publishing, Universal City, CA. MCA's publishing studio, affectionately called the "dungeon," proved to be a very creative place for many songwriters who would become artists and/or producers. Andy was no exception and was the primary force behind Wall of Voodoo success.

Andy asked me to mix and co-produce a live album Voodoo had already recorded in Australia. It is called "Wall of Voodoo, The Ugly Americans in Australia." I helped Andy complete and mix his solo record called "Andy Prieboy.....Upon My Wicked Son." We recorded and mixed the entire album in the demo studio and it was released on Doctor Dream Records. Andy is a confessional songwriter whose songs focus on his feelings and events in his life. I find him extremely creative, energetic...not taking himself too seriously. One song on his album is a true story of his being "fag bashed" on a street corner not far from his house in Hollywood, CA. Andy, although not gay, appeared "different" enough and therefore deserved to be brutalized by a local thug. The next day I was supposed to work with Andy and I got a call that he was in the hospital! The song is called "That Was The Voice," and is all about hate and racism. It features samples from actual Nazi propaganda radio broadcasts. Andy digitally edited the 1940's announcer's voice to say that Hitler was "the greatest dick of all time."

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