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Kevin Savigar is one of those multi-talented, multi-instrumentalists and all-around great guys you never have enough of in the music business. I met Kevin working with Steven Dubin at Steven's house while recording a demo they co-wrote. I would say Kevin is a songwriter first and duties as producer and musical director fall in line after that. Kevin has told me that song writing is what he loves and feels most comfortable doing. He is one of a few songwriters at Rondor Music who is very much into the "black" for the company having written or co-written hit after hit. The first record I worked with Kevin on was Rod Stewart's "When We Were The New Boys" album. Kevin co-produced the disc with Rod. We worked about a year on that record and Kevin definitely was the anchor in that project. Kevin and Rod have a long history going back to when Kevin started as piano and organ player in Rod's band. He has played and co-written many hits with Rod over the years. If you read the fine print on a Rod Stewart CD, you will probably find "K.Savigar."

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