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Rafael Pérez-Botija or "Raffi" is a record producer from Madrid, Spain. I was introduced to him by Tony DeFranco who was a project coordinator. From time to time, Rafael came to the US to work with Mexican artists. I engineered all the lead vocals for Mexican singer/actress Lucero's album "Solo Pienso En Ti". She liked to do her vocals in L.A. mainly because the pollution in Mexico City (I think it is the most polluted city in the world) bothered her throat. Kinda strange to come to L.A. to escape pollution!

Rafael is a very talented producer who wrote all the songs for the Lucero album. He would program and record the tracks in Spain and finish the project in LA. With Lucero, the production was done with machines and real guitars. Rafael also produced the first Enrique Iglesias album, and in that case, he replaced the machine drums with a real drummer. Real guitars and keyboards were also used throughout.

I look forward to working with Rafael again because we have had success every time out. I have a gold album for Lucero and a platinum for Enrique.

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