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RobbieRobbie and I met at MCA Publishing in the basement recording studio. Robbie at the time was an MCA writer and he would spend hours in the studio recording publishing song demos. Today, song demos are so thought out and "produced" that they often become the record or at the very least, the templates for the record. With Robbie I would say, most of the time, his demos come out better than the records. Robbie's demos were not the only recordings that I would engineer in the "dungeon" at MCA that would become a record.

Robbie is an accomplished guitar player and an astonishing singer. He had a big hit his first time out as a solo artist with a song called "C'est La Vie" I worked with him on his third solo album effort called "Day One". I also engineered for him when he produced the Seiko, Wendy Moten, Cleto Escobedo, Katy Sagal, Jeremy Jordan and Cyrena records. We have recorded countless song demos for other artists.

Don't Trust These Guys! Guitarist Tim Pierce in the background
and Robbie runs the show with me, left.
First Album  "Robbie Nevil"

A Place Like This  "A Place Like This"

DAY 1  "Day 1"

Gold Collection  "The Gold Collection"

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