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The Rockmelons is an R&B band started by brothers Jonathon and Bryon Jones. Two funky white guys, The Rockmelons are from Sydney, Austrailia and I engineered their album "Tales of The City". Robin Smith produced most of the album including a cover of Al Green's "Rhymes" which turned out to be a hit single.

We were working in Sydney with another group, Modern Man when The Rockmelon's manager Michael Crawley, approached us to stay a few more days and record "Rhymes". We used just about every room at EMI 301 studios in Sydney with an assistant engineer Adrian Bolland. Great Fun! I remember mixing until about three AM and them leaving for the airport to catch a flight home to L.A. (Ha!...No way to check that mix at home and come back and tweek!) As it worked out, the Modern Man recordings were never released but "Rhymes" became a top ten record in Australia. Crawley asked us back to finish the album.

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