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I recorded and mixed two albums for Al Wilson. Jerry Fuller produced both. (except for two songs on the second) Jerry also wrote a lot of the songs including "Show and Tell" which went to Number 1 as a single and sold about 1.8 million...just short of a platinum single. "Show and Tell" was the title song of the first album and it was recorded in the last ten minutes of a three-hour union session. It was the third time Jerry and I recorded it as a record. (First time was Johnny Mathis and then Jerry cut it as artist). I think he considered it just a good album cut which is probably why he "jammed it" into the last remaining minutes of the session. In fact, it was not going to be the first single as Jerry fought the record company and lobbied to have another song called "Queen of The Ghetto" released first. Thankfully, Jerry did relent and "Show and Tell" took off. Al Wilson was everwhere for over a could not escape him on the radio, TV and live appearances. The second album, called "La La Peace Song", has two songs (both first cuts on both sides) each produced by Johnny Bristol and Steve Cropper. The rest of that record I engineered and mixed with Fuller producing.

I'm sorry to report that Al Wilson died of kidney failure on April 21, 2008 at the age of 68. I did happen to meet up with Al about 10 years ago. He was planning another record and was looking for a label. He wanted me to engineer and mix it. We definitely lost a great soul singer in Mr. Al Wilson! He will be missed by many.

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