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Testing computer models to predict global climate patterns
Compute Against Cancer
Identifying genes that contribute to cancer
Searching for chemical compounds to combat HIV
Analyzing protein behavior
Gamma Flux
Measuring gamma radiation from nuclear waste containers
Designing synthetic genes to understand how real genes work
Artificial intelligence project studying robotic life forms
Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
Searching for Mersenne prime numbers
Project Optimal Golomb Rulers
Searching for number sets that make up Golomb Rulers
RC5-64 Encryption Challenge
Searching for code decryption keys
Searching for extraterrestrial life using radio telescope data
Kirk Pearson Site
Various Internet-based distributing sites
JC News Site
Source of information on distributed computing
Bottom Quark
Science and technology discussion Web site
Non-profit organization that crunches molecules to help
develop drugs to combat many diseases, including SARS.
Other Distributed Computer Projects
Links To Other Interesting Web Sites.

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