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Jukebox Creative Technology Ltd., makers of the Nomad line of small MP3 portable players now has the Jukebox, a unit that holds over 100 hours of music-that's about 150 CDs. About the size of a portable CD player, the Jukebox use a miniature, built-in 6Gb hard disk rather than ROM and/or Smart Media cards for storage.

A new feature not common to MP3 "players" is the ability to record directly into the unit by way of analog line level inputs jacks. Called "dual band recording", you can use up to a 48 kHz. sample rate for DAT quality sound. This, along with full support for both MAC and PC operating systems and downloadable music formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV files and upcoming new formats, makes the Jukebox the most universal and advanced portable system yet. The Jukebox also has EAX technology that lets you adjust playback speed or add ambient effects like auditorium, concert hall and jazz club. There are also two line outputs for FourPointSurround™ speaker systems and full surround sound. Also part of the complete DSP facilities, there is a parametric equalizer for treble, bass and mid-range control and three-dimensional headphone spatialization.

The Jukebox comes with Creative PlayCenter 2 software, an interface for encoding, decoding and archiving high quality MP3 files, Windows Media files as well as converting unlimited numbers of CD tracks. You also receive SoundJam MP for MacIntosh which is a MP3 player and recorder that allows easy encoding, downloading of music, and building of custom music database for off-load to your Jukebox. Already SDMI content compliant, upcoming downloadable features include: more EAX ambient effects, security features, and auto playlist generators.

The Nomad Jukebox has a five minute buffer to protect from external shocks to the internal hard drive and is preloaded with over 20 hours of music content and audio books including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Robinson Crusoe. Priced at $499.99 MSRP, the unit comes with: set of stereo headphones, two 4-packs of AA NiMH batteries, AC power supply, USB connector cable and carrying pouch. For additional information, go to:

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