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Reason Refill Strings from Propellerheads

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Reason Refills Strings Refills are new sounds and loops for Reason users only but all 288 Dr. Rex loops are also in a separate folder for use in other compatible applications such as Steinberg's Cubase VST. Refills Strings is a new collection co-developed with PowerFX and includes Dr. Rex string phrases and NN19 sampler patches. Since all the phrases have been 'washed' through ReCycle, both tempo and pitch can be changed anytime for each loop. Using the ReCycle Rex file format allows complete, real-time reorganization of music phrases within Reasons' Dr. Rex editor. Strings contains 42 patches for Reason's NN19 sampler including Violin, Viola, Cello and Ensemble. With both Dr. Rex and NN19 material together, you can't help with coming up with some great original music.

The Strings samples were recorded at Stalin-era Documentary Studio, Moscow. A total of 23 musicians were involved in the recording sessions, spanning over 2 weeks and ranging from complete orchestral/quartet string recordings to individual instruments. Here is what you get: eight each NN19 patches of violin, viola, cello, quartet and pizzicatos; two harp glissando patches; 35 orchestral strings as Dr. Rex loops; 40 quartet loops; 80 solo violin loops; 40 solo viola loops; 40 solo cello loops; 48 upright bass; and five Dr. Rex harp loops. That's a total of 288 Rex loops in case you weren't counting!

I found it quite useful to be able to mix the loops with the single samples when coming up with both realistic string parts or not. Reason Refills Strings costs $89 MSRP and distributed in the United States by MIDIMAN at 45 E. Saint Joseph St., Arcadia, CA, 91006; Tel: 626-445-2842. Go to: or for a free demo.

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