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Sample Tools by Cr2 Sound of Techno

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Sample Tools by Cr2 Sound of Techno The 4th collection from Sample Tools by Cr2 is called Sound of Techno. This is a very useful and essential library of dark techno samples and loops for music producers. Created by Italian producer Michele Russi, his EDM influences run from Detroit techno, minimal dub techno over to some darker Berlin sounds.

I downloaded this 740MB pack and found 132 excellent drum hits--kicks, snares, claps, percussion bits and hi hats. There are drum loops all at 127BPM and 2 measures long, and a good collection of Effects and Synth Shots--mostly sweeps and builds useful for glitzing up my mixes. I especially liked the folder called Song Starters--great little loop construction kits that evoke many song writing ideas.

A lot of the darkness in this collection comes from the fat sounding synth bass loops and synth loops folders. Both these loop collections also include MIDI files if you wanna tweak or add more to them! All audio files are 44.1kHz/24-bit and the collection finishes with a folder of 20 Massive presets.

A great collection that is well titled making them easy to fluff and fold into your musical 'stew', Sample Tools by Cr2 Sound of Techno sells for £12.99, $19.99 or 14.99 Euros. Download them from:

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