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Softube Metal Amp Room

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Softube Metal Amp Room
Softube AB Metal Amp Room
The wunderkind in Sweden that make up the Softube AB company have done it again with their Metal Amp Room virtual guitar amp. Like Vintage Amp Room, a plug-in I've been wearing out (is it possible to wear out software?), Metal Amp is long on authenticity and short on tweakiness. Whereas Vintage has emulations of the three stalwarts of the world of electric guitar amps: a Marshall JCM800 half stack, Fender Twin and Vox AC-30, Metal has two amp/cabinet combinations that cover all the bases of modern metal rock guitar sound. The amp head is a combination of emulations of the Engl Powerball and a JCM800.

Softube Vintage Amp Room
Softube AB Vintage Amp Room
Softube also separates itself from all the others by focusing strictly on tone: the careful emulation of a real-world amp, speaker cab and the microphone's placement. Effects like reverb, delay or compression are up to your individual preferences to add but know that the starting sound and tone produced by either Vintage or Metal are some of best I've heard. For that reason, I ask the producers I work with to also record a dry direct guitar signal (DI) along with the amp sounds and include it in the songs they send me to mix. Then I'll have no excuses for wonky guitar tones.

Installed into Pro Tools as RTAS plug-in (or in AU/VST format in your favorite DAW) here at my Tones 4 $ Studios, Metal Amp will turn any guitar recording into the wrath of God instantly. From sweet to satanic, Goth to grunge, Metal Amp lets you go between to two entirely different metal rigs (Metal uses a slanted Engl 4X12 cab and Black uses a Marshall) each with decidedly different personalities that are endlessly malleable using standard amp head controls that actually work like a real guitar amp. You can mix between two different microphones, a dynamic and condenser, plus individually set their off-axis angle and distance from the speaker cones.

When you can't afford the real-deal metal amp and suitable recording space or don't have a clue as to how to setup and use any of it, Softube Metal Amp is your best bet. It sells for $179.99 in AU/VST/RTAS versions. For more information, contact

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