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Blue Microphones' Yeti USB Condenser Mic

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Blue Microphones' Yeti USB Condenser Mic Blue Microphones does it again with the Yeti--a multi-pattern stereo studio condenser microphone that connects to any computer's USB port. There is no need of expensive multiple analog mic pre-amps with this mic. In addition, the stout and heavy Yeti also takes care of monitoring back from your computer with a built-in headphone-monitoring amp.

A unique feature not found in most stereo microphones is the three condenser capsules arranged in a special array inside of Yeti's head. These three capsules allow for four polar pickup patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, an X/Y stereo, and figure-of-eight or bidirectional. A figure-of-eight mic picks up from the front and back but not on either side.

Yeti sits in a fully adjustable swivel desktop stand and is massive--hefty enough to stay in place wherever you want it. I placed it on my coffee table in the middle of my living room and recorded a production meeting into my iMac using a free audio program called Audacity. (PC Version and MAC Version)

Yeti has a tremendous amount of microphone gain and I liked that I could just reach a control in the middle of Yeti's back and crank it up or down as needed for louder or softer speakers. Back on the front side, there is a mute button great for "flat-lining" the recorded audio wave to visually see the spaces between separate topics for transcribing later.

I also try it in overdub mode and the headphone amp had more than enough power for my pro Shure SRH-750 DJ headphones. There is a volume control right at about Yeti's belly button position for setting loudness to taste. You hear the mic's audio directly--with no latency and mixed with the previously recorded tracks coming from your computer. This is the best sounding and working USB mic I've tested to date!

Lastly, all the wires to and from Yeti emerge out its bottom so you can position it any angle plus there is a standard threaded mic stand hole for a conventional mic stand.

Yeti sells for $149.99 MSRP and it has been tested and certified by THX who affirmed that it is the ultimate in recording and playback fidelity.

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