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ambrosia My association with lead singer David Pack led me to work on the "Ambrosia Anthology" album. It is a greatest hits package that include three newly recorded songs. Over the course of two years, I, along with three other engineers would slowly record the three songs with David Pack, Joe Puerta, Burleigh Drummond and Chris North. Pack has a wonderful 48-Track studio where he does most of his creative work when in LA. The trick or task for Pack and Puerta was to (somehow) write and produce new songs that would relate and fit into their existing body of work while still sounding fresh, evolved and meaningful to the collective Ambrosia audience.

"Mama Don't Understand" is a distinctively Joe Puerta song and restates Ambrosia's pure pop sound. "Sky is Falling" is very much a "progressive rock" Ambrosia sounding song. I think Alan Parsons brought this home...especially with his wondrous mix. Finally, "I Just Can't Let Go" challenges the Ambrosia fan to enjoy a modern R&B direction. Credit goes to Oliver Leiber and Sean LaBelle for their vocal production and hard work on the track. And likewise credit should go to Michael MacDonald, James Ingram and David Pack for their great singing on this trio effort. Go To David Pack's Offical Web Site.

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