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Actually I worked just one day with Mick. It was with Rick Rubin producing for Mick's solo album. The song was called "Sweet Thing." I recorded a MIDI basic track that Steven Dubin programmed. The fact is that they did not use the track because they decided to license and use an old record sample as a loop. I don't feel too bad about this since mine was the fifth attempt at getting a track for the song. They went with attempt number six. Also I'm happy to have met and worked with the Mick and Rick Show.

Mick Jagger was very nice and did something I had never heard of or seen before. When we were introduced, he repeated both my first and last name. Called echolalia, I like to think he used this technique to remember my name--at least for the duration of the session.

Mick also, when asked how the track felt, said he had to dance to it which he did in front of the everyone. A great one-day experience for me!

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