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I worked one session for Rick Rubin. He was producing Mick Jagger's solo album. David Bianco, Rick's engineer, recommended that we cut a MIDI basic track with Steven Dubin. I was working with Steven a lot at the time so I was on!

Mick and Rick came over to Steven's house and programmed a track for the song "Sweet Thing." I recorded it 24 Trk. and it turned out, that this was the fifth time the Mick and Rick Show had cut the track for this song. (see, even seasoned vets don't always get it right the first time!) I sensed some creative differences there. When all the dust cleared, they elected not to use the track I recorded. (Oh, Well!!!!)

One Revelation To Me!

I think I know why Rick wears those dark sunglasses: Without them he has the most cherub-like face you could imagine. With them he looks sinister, like Ivan the Terrible. Amazing! He knows that in the entertainment biz, it can be all about perceptions.

The day after that session, Dubin's neighbor came over and told us: "My wife and I are having a disagreement. Yesterday, she says that she saw Mick Jagger get out of a black Rolls Royce in your driveway. I say she's crazy."

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