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OBI recorded and mixed three albums for O'Bryan and his producer Mr. Don Cornelius. I first met and worked with Cornelius at Larrabee Sound when he requested the guy (me) who was working for his ex-business partner, Dick Griffey of Solar Records. I then engineered what was to be the first of three "Soul Train" TV themes. O'Bryan was Don's first artist signed under a production deal with Capitol Records. The three albums with respective singles are: "Doin' Alright" with "The Gigolo"; "You and I" with "I'm Freaky"; and "Be My Lover" with "Lovelite". O'Bryan is a self-contained, play-everything artist. His idol was(is) Stevie Wonder. Other influences would include Prince although The Purple One had not yet caught on big. I like the first album best, since it is an R&B record in the classic mold. The subsequent albums are good but they sometimes chased what was happening at the time on the radio and now sound a little dated.

March 1, 2000
O'Bryan Burnette II writes:

OBrayn"Alive! Well! Not in Arizona area. Will hear from me again! Thanks for the generous comments on "The Best of O'Bryan" CD. It's nice to know that there are people out there who still remember and think enough of my early endeavors on Capitol Records that they would search the net to find something, anything, about me, just as I have done tonight. Considering how long its been since anyone has heard a single NEW note from myself and the crew, I was pleasantly surprised to find this [Amazon.com] site. With all of the new and very talented artists on the music scene today, it's easy to forget about artists from days past. It feels good to have made some sort of lasting impression even as a young artist still discovering and uncovering his talents as a singer, songwriter, producer.

Though I have grown immensely in these categories, I believe one never stops learning and growing... If we did, we would all be perfect, and as far as I know, the only perfect being is Christ. Thanks again for your comments. I'm looking forward to giving you the best that I've got in the near future."

The real McCoy, O'Bryan

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