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Crane Song Avocet IIA
Monitor Controler

Issue 3/18
Retro Instruments
Revolver Compressor

Coming Soon!
Manley Labs
Nu Mu Limiter/Compressor

Coming Soon!
Wormhole Sound Design Plug-In

Issue 8/17
Sonnox Oxford
Dynamic Equalizer

Issue 2/18
Highland Dynamics
BG2 Compressor

Issue 3/18
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur
Crème Stereo Bus Processor

Issue 2/17
Ocean Way Audio RM1-B
Active Ribbon Microphone

Issue 5/17
Eventide Audio Inc.
Fission™ Plug-In

Issue 7/17
Warm Audio
WA-2A Leveling Amp

Issue 10/16
A-Designs Tony Shepperd's
Mix Factory

Issue 11/16
iZotope Neutron
Mixing Plug-In

Issue 1/17
Eventide Audio Inc.
Tverb Reverb Plug-In

Issue 07/16
DMG Audio
Limitless Mastering Limiter

Issue 08/16
Faraday Limiter ver 2 Plug-in

Issue 09/16
Black Lion Audio
Micro Clock MKIII

Issue 05/16
PSI Audio
Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber

Issue 06/16
British Audio Engineeing BAE
1023L 500 Series Module

Issue 06/16
Exponential Audio Excalibur
Multi-Effect Plug-In

Issue 08/15
Røde Microphones
NTR Active Studio Ribbon Microphone

Issue 11/15
SPL Iron Model 1520
Mastering Compressor

Issue 12/15
Eiosis LLC
AirEQ Premium

Issue 06/15
Radial Engineering
Firefly Tube Direct Box

Issue 07/15
A-Designs KGB
Instrument Preamplifiers

Issue 07/15
Trident Audio Developments
Trident 88 Console

Issue 04/15
57th Grammy Awards Show
Tech Tour Report

Issue 04/15
Sound Radix
Drum Leveler

Issue 06/15
Crane Song
Falcon Tube Compressor

Issue 02/15
Crane Song
Syren Tube Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 02/15
Sunset Sound S1P "Tutti" Mic Pre-Amp
50th Year Commemorative Edition

Issue 4/15
Softube AB
Console 1

Issue 07/14
RTZ Professional Audio
PEQ-1549 Parametric EQ

Issue 12/14
Benchmark Media Systems
AHB2 Audio Power Amplifier

Issue 12/14
Solid-State-Logic Sigma
Summing Engine

Issue 03/14
Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec

Issue 05/14
Q2 ADR Compex F760X-RS Reissue

Issue 06/14
Focusrite 18i20
Multi-Channel USB Interface

Issue 07/13
Korby Audio Technology
FET Cardioid Condenser

Issue 08/13
Focusrite Red 1 500 Series
Microphone Pre-Amp

Issue 02/14
Joemeek oneQ2
Master Studio Channel

Issue 09/12
Pearlman 250 Condenser
Studio Microphone

Issue 01/13
Audio-Technica AT5040
Studio Condenser Microphone

Issue 06/13
Lisson Grove R-124
Tube Compressor

Issue 03/12
JZ Microphones
Vintage 11 Cardioid Condenser

Issue 04/12
Crane Song Phoenix
Tape Emulation AAX Plug-In

Issue 05/12
Focusrite Control 2802
Dual-Layer Mixing Console

Issue 10/11
Steven Slate Digital
Virtual Console Collection

Issue 01/12
M63 Microphone Pre-Amp

Issue 02/12
Dave Hill Designs
RA Plug-In

Issue 05/11
18i6 USB Interface

Issue 08/11
Ingram Engineering
MPA685 Vari-Impedance Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 09/11
Rupert Neve Designs
Portico II Channel

Issue 12/10
Nectar Plug-In

Issue 3/11
Blue Microphones
Spark Condenser Mic

Issue 4/11
Fink Audio CS2-FA
Tube Recording Channel

Issue 08/10
AT-101 Tube Limiter

Issue 10/10
Solid State Logic
X-Patch 16 X 16 Patchbay

Issue 10/10
Sonnox Oxford Plug-Ins
Restore Bundle

Issue 02/10
Automated Processes Inc. (API)
527 Limiter/Compressor

Issue 4/10
Audient Zen
Recording/Mixing Console

Issue 05/10
Shure Microphones
KSM313 And KSM353 Ribbon Mics

Issue 12/09
JZ Microphones
BT-201 Condenser Mic

Issue 01/10
Scarlett Plug-In Suite

Issue 01/10
Institute Of Production and Recording
Launches The IdeaWerks Program

08/09 MixOnline News Story
Room Correction System

Issue 10/09
Audio Engineering Associates
RP48Q Ribbon Pre-Amp with Curve Shaping

Issue 11/09
Solid-State-Logic Duende
VocalStrip Plug-in

Issue 07/09
Chameleon Labs 7802
Stereo Opto Tube Compressor

Issue 08/09
Korg USA MR-2000S
1-Bit DSD Stereo Studio Recorder

Issue 08/09
Lauten Audio LT-381
Dual Tube Condenser Microphone

05/09 MixOnline Mini Review
Waves' Signature Series
Tony Maserati Collection

Issue 06/09
Jack Joseph Puig Collection

06/09 MixOnline Review
Abbey Road/EMI
Brilliance Pack

Issue 03/09
Furman Sound
Classic Series of Power Conditioners

03/09 MixOnline Mini Review
Violet Design
Wedge FET Condenser Mic

Issue 05/09
RM8 Processor Rack

Issue 11/08
Focusrite ISA One
Mic Pre-Amp/Interface

Issue 12/08
McDSP FutzBox
Lo-Fi Distortion Effects Plug-in

Issue 01/09
Lexicon PCM96
Reverb/Effects Procesor

Issue 09/08
Universal Audio
UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card

Issue 10/08
Automated Processes Inc.
1608 Recording Console

Issue 10/08
M1500 Programmable UPS

Issue 07/08
Avantone CK-40
Large Capsule Stereo FET Condenser Mic

Issue 08/08
Matrix Console

Issue 09/08
Breverb Reverb Plug-In

Issue 06/08
TC Electronic
TubeTech Compressor CL1-B Plug-In

Issue 07/08
Duende X-Comp Compressor Plug-In

Issue 07/08
Sony Professional
PCM-D50 Portable Digital Recorder

Issue 04/08
Peluso 2247 SE
Tube Condenser Microphone

Issue 05/08
IK Multimedia
Automatic Room Correction

Issue 05/08
PSP Audioware Xenon
Mastering Plug-In Limiter

Issue 02/08
Creation Audio Labs
MW1 Studio Tool

Issue 03/08
Glyph Technologies
GT062 RAID Hard Drive

Issue 04/08
Adam Professional Audio
A7 Powered Monitor

Issue 01/08
Brauner Microphones
Phanthera FET Cardioid

Issue 01/08
bx_digital Plug-In

Issue 02/08
Reel Tape Suite Plug-In

Issue 11/07
Aphex Systems HeadPOD
Powered Headphone Box

Issue 11/07
A/D/D/A Converter Overview

Issue 12/07
SSL Duality

Issue 09/07
Dangerous Music D-Box
DAW Summing/Monitor System

Issue 10/07
API Collection Plug-In Bundle

Issue 11/07
Buzz Audio essence
Opto-Compressor Module

Issue 06/07
Drawmer S3
3-Band Stereo Tube Compressor

Issue 08/07
C700A Microphone

Issue 08/07
API 5500
Dual Equalizer

Issue 02/07
Cube-Tec Pro Tools
Restoration Plug-Ins

Issue 04/07
Little Labs Lmnopre
Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 05/07
IK Multimedia
SVX Ampeg Bass Rig

Issue 01/07
TUNE Tuning Plug-In

Issue 01/07
Tascam CD-01U Pro
CD Player

Issue 01/07
Liquid Mix

Issue 10/06
$150,000 Fantasy Tracking Studio!
Issue 11/06
Rupert Neve
Portico 5032 Mic Pre/EQ

Issue 12/06
EMI/Abbey Road TG Limiter
Pro Tools Plug-In

Issue 08/06
8816 Summing Mixer 16 X 2

Issue 09/06
Roger Nichols Digital
Dynam-izer Plug-In

Issue 10/06
IK Multimedia
Classik Studio Reverb Plug-In

Issue 07/06
H7600 Ultraharmonizer

Issue 07/06
Glyph Technologies
GT050Q Quad Firewire Drive

Issue 08/06
BenchMark Media ADC1
Analog-To-Digital Converter

Issue 03/06
Euphonix MC
and System 5-MC

Issue 04/06
Pro Tools 7 Software

Issue 05/06
Mercury Recording
M72 Tube Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 02/06
Middle Atlantic
Split-Screen/Pop Filter

Issue 3/06
Soundelux E47C
Cardioid Only Condenser Microphone

Issue 03/06
Heil Sound PR-40
Large Diaphragm Dynamic Mic

Issue 12/05
RTZ Audio
Model 9762 Dual-Combo Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 1/06
PSP Audioware
MasterComp & 608 MultiDelay Plug-Ins

Issue 02/06
EchoBoy TDM/RTAS Plug-In

Issue 10/05
MixDream Summing System

Issue 10/05
Helios Electronics
Type 69 Mic/Pre/EQ

Issue 11/05
Music Editing Software

Issue 09/05
Evolution 900 Series Microphones

Issue 09/05
Chandler Limited 16 X 2
Mini Rack Mixer

Issue 09/05
Studio Make Over By Auralex Acoustics
Issue 06/05
Eventide Anthology
H3000 Factory/Band Delays Plug-Ins

Issue 07/05
New Tube Outboard Survey
Issue 07/05
Apogee Digital
Rosetta 200 A/D-D/A

Issue 04/05
Sony Professional
Oxford Reverb Plug-In

Issue 04/05
Blue Microphones
Robbie The Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 06/05
Digital X Bus Console

Issue 02/05
e250 Condenser Studio Microphone

Issue 02/05
Aphex Systems
1100MKII Tube Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 02/05
Octavox Harmonizer® Plug-In

Issue 11/04
Strictly Summing
Issue 12/04
Groove Tubes
The Brick Tube DI/Mic Pre-Amp

Fairlight Dream Constellation
Issue 10/04
Roxio Toast with Jam 6
CD/DVD Authoring/Burning Software

Issue 10/04
Ray Charles/Terry Howard
Issue 10/04
Tannoy Ellipse 10
Reference Studio Monitors

Issue 08/04
Chandler LTD
Abbey Road Passive Channel

Issue 09/04
AKG Professional
C 414B-XLS and XL II Condenser Mics

Issue 09/04
AMS Neve 88R Scoring Console
Issue 06/04
Sony Professional
C-38B Condenser Microphone

Issue 07/04
Voxengo Pristine Space
PC/VST Convolution Reverb

Issue 08/04
Yamaha DMI
Three VST/AU Processor Plug-Ins

Issue 05/04
Trident Audio
S40 Recording Channel

Issue 05/04
KRK Systems
Rokit 5 Powered Studio Monitors

Issue 06/04
Transform Plug-In Bundle

Issue 03/04
Ozone 3 Mastering Plug-In

Issue 03/04
Neumann TLM 127
Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

Issue 04/04
Yamaha Pro Audio
SPX2000 Digital Reverb

Issue 02/04
Buzz Audio
Stereo Opto-Compressor

Issue 03/04
IK Multimedia
T-RacksS Plug-Ins

Issue 03/04
Manley Laboratories

Issue 11/03
Curve EQ VST Plug-In

Issue 11/03
Peavey Electronics
Kosmos Pro

Issue 12/03
TC Electronic
Reverb 4000

Issue 08/03
Chandler Limited
Expanded 1073 Mic-Pre

Issue 08/03
Dangerous Music DAW

Issue 10/03
Universal Audio Model 6176
Channel Strip

Issue 06/03
Audio-Technica AE2500
Dual-Element Kick Drum Mic

Issue 06/03
Audio-Technica AT3060
Phantom Powered Tube Condenser

Issue 07/03
Akai DPS24
24/96 Workstation

Issue 01/03
Chandler Limited TG1

Issue 02/03
Surround Mixing Signal Processing
Issue 03/03
Windows Media 9 Series
Issue 11/02
Diamond 8.1 Loudspeakers

Issue 12/02
AudioCube 5 Workstation

Issue 12/02
Pro Tools
Power Tools

Issue 10/02
Vintech X81
Mic Pre-Amp/EQ

Issue 11/02
OWL Monitors

Issue 11/02
DPA 3532-T A-B Stereo Kit
Matched Omni Microphones

Issue 06/02
Kultube Stereo Compressor

Issue 08/02
Universal Audio's
2108 Stereo Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 09/02
Steinberg VST System Link

Issue 02/02
AKG C-451B
Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Issue 04/02
Native Instruments'
Spektral Delay RTAS|HTDM

Issue 05/02
Steinberg's HALion
Streaming VST Sampler

Issue 12/01
Shure KSM27
Cardioid Condenser Mic

Issue 01/02
Native Instruments'
Absynth Virtual Synth

Issue 01/02
Electrix Repeater
Loop-Based Recorder

Issue 11/01
Celemony's Melodyne 1.0
Pitch/Time/Formant Software

Issue 11/01
Focusrite Penta
Preset Compressor/Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 12/01
TL Audio VTC
All-Tube Console

Issue 7/01
Vintech X73
Mic Pre-Amp/EQ

Issue 9/01
Soundelux ELUX 251
Multi-pattern Tube Microphone

Issue 10/01
Fairlight's QDC Workstation

Issue 4/01
Millennia Media's Origin
Twin Topology Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 7/01
Groove Tubes' Vipre
Variable Impedance Mic Pre-Amp

Issue 8/01
TC Electronic Triple C
Multi-Band Compressor

Issue 1/01
Tube MP Studio And D/IO

Issue 3/01
D.W. Fearn's
VT-4 Tube Equalizer

Issue 4/01
Wave Mechanics' SPEED
Speed/Time Plug-In

Issue 10/00
Drawmer 1969
Mercenary Edition

Issue 11/00
Amek Pure Path

Issue 11/00
ISA 110 Mic Pre-Amp/EQ

Issue 6/00
Series 180 Condenser Mics

Issue 8/00
Electrix's MODS
Modular Effects

Issue 8/00
Bomb Factory's
Pro-Tools Plug-In Suite

Issue 4/00
WAVES L2 48-bit
Stereo Limiter with IDR

Issue 5/00
Universal Audio's
1176LN Peak Limiter

Issue 6/00
Crane Song Trakker
Single-Channel Compressor

Issue 11/99
Avalon VT-747SP Stereo Opto-

Issue 12/99
JoeMeek SC4 DAD
Stereo Compressor

Issue 1/00
Royer's Ribbon-Velocity
Studio Microphone

Issue 4/99
CLM Dynamics' Expounder
Dynamic Equaliser

Issue 5/99
Summit Audio Element 78
Mic-Pre Equalizer

Issue 10/99
Tube-Tech MEC 1A
Recording Channel

Issue 10/98
Compressors and Compression

Issue 1/99
Transient Designer

Issue 1/99
Neumann's TLM
103 Condenser Microphone

Issue 2/98
Avalon VT-737
Vacuum Tube Signal Path

Issue 3/98
dbx 160SL Stereo

Issue 10/98
Manley's Mic/EQ500
Mic Pre-Amp/Equalizer

Issue 10/97
Neotek Élan II Multimedia

Issue 10/97
LA Audio's Classic
Stereo Compressor II

Issue 12/97

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